July 30, 2009

New Interactive Website Launched by German American Heritage Center

The German American Heritage Center (GAHC) has launched their new website at www.gahc.org. The website has several interactive features including photo galleries, videos, and RSS feeds. Visitors can also become a fan on GAHC’s new Facebook page, subscribe to their new YouTube page, or sign up to receive a free enewsletters.

GAHC continues to offer several programs and events, including the upcoming Brewery Ephemera Exhibit, opening July 6 and Volksmarch on July 18. Over the past year, major construction and renovations are occurring inside GAHC.

GAHC Behind the Scenes on the website

By October 1, the interior exhibit space will have increased about six times to accommodate a new large interactive and audiovisual permanent exhibit. Over the course of the summer, GAHC will post behind the scenes photos and videos on the website as they build the new exhibit spaces. The exhibit will includes an orientation theater, six education stations, and two restored hotel rooms. Two additional new temporary exhibit spaces have also been created and will open the door for new collaborative exhibits in conjunction with the new permanent exhibit.

The exhibit progresses through experiences from immigrants’ journey by sea, train and foot, to their final destination at the GAHC, originally a hotel, which welcomed thousands of immigrants in the 1860s to the 1900s. The second half of the exhibit shows contributions to the region by immigrants, and highlights daily life, from recreation, family life, religion and organizations. The expansive exhibit will allow GAHC to develop new tours, increase family offerings and create new school group programs.

Finally, the top floor, which boasts panoramic views of the Mississippi River, has also been completely renovated. The floor includes state of the art audio-visual equipment so that it may be used for GAHC’s programs as well as meeting space open for community groups.

To learn more, visit www.gahc.org.

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